DESPITE my crazy hair, despite the unusual jacket choice & the touristy ‘camera slung over the shoulder’ thing going on – I absolutely love this photo. It was taken in Hobbiton – ok, well maybe not ‘Hobbiton’ – but it was taken on the set of the Hobbit movies, amongst the Hobbit holes, manicured pumpkin patches, and the local sheep. Something about this photo screams out a quote from Mr. Bilbo Baggins himself – “I’m going on an adventure!”

The other day I was DSC02053thinking about journeys. More specifically I was pondering the extreme frustration that having a university degree doesn’t guarantee you a job, and I guess we’ll test that theory next year – but also the fact that we often think our journeys will be grand and dangerous, and Baggins-esc. My journey seems pretty mundane sometimes… and compared to some peoples’ lives, maybe it is.

Today, my wonderings started again when I parked my car at uni and it started raining… and not just raining. I’m talking gigantic drops of sock-drenching rain that turns your navy cardigan black, and speckles your glasses until the world is blurry. I went to the library bathrooms and wrung my cardigan & scarf out into the sink and cried. Yes, I’m a 20 year old baby, but somehow, this little day-ruining event slowly turned my day around. I found myself appreciating the cheap umbrella I purchased at the uni shop for $4. The toasted sandwich I had for lunch felt warmer and more satisfying than ever, and I finally got the relaxing candlelit bath I had dreamed about all day. 

I have some crazy journey-altering plans coming up. Travel, events, finishing uni… but for now I’m learning to be satisfied with the fun little things, as much of a challenge as it can be!

I think it would be appropriate to end on a quote from the grey-bearded wizard.

“I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay .”

– Gandalf

— Lauren x


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