Family Fun – 100 Happy Days

A very rare circumstance occurred today, where almost all of my extended family gathered together in my house to celebrate an event together. With a few little cousins, a few bigger ones, my aunts, family’s boyfriend and girlfriend, and all but 1 of my grandparents in the same house, it’s safe to say that it was a little bit insane… but a whole lot of fun!

I’m not sure about your family, but my family mostly lives over an hour away, so we don’t see each other every day, or any where near it. I turned to one of my cousins today and said, ‘when did I see you last?’ to which he replied, ‘uhh.. I think Christmas?’ But with family, as with old friends, we just pick up where we left off.

Today I feel happy & grateful for the family that I have. It’s nice to take the opportunity to step back & think about it. It’s refreshing to spend time with little children & see the world from their perspective for a few minutes.

I spent half of my day trying to entertain the little kids & get their attention – often they would giggle and run off (as 3 year olds do!), and they’d find something more interesting to do. At one point I left the room we were sitting in, and came back to find all 4 of them sitting at Peter’s feet admiring his longboarding injuries and asking in great detail about all of his ‘owies’… yet when I offer to make playdough cakes with them, they look at me like I’m a crazy person. Hmm.

I’ll leave you with an adorable picture I found on my phone. I hope you’re having a happy day!


– Lauren x

Photo: Courtesy of my brother (using my iPhone).



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