Sunshine on a Rainy Day – 100 Happy Days

It’s not actually raining today, but it feels like a rainy day. It’s lovely (if not a little overcast) outside, and the crispness of winter is finally starting to set in — and I’m inside trying to finish an assignment that’s due at 4pm, and studying for an exam that I have tomorrow morning. I guess that taking a quick time out is the ‘sunshine’ in my day today.

I don’t claim to be an expert on studying, or assignment-doing (actually, I’m often a pro procrastinator), but when a day feels ‘rainy’, this is how I try and make uni/homework/studying a little bit sunnier.

1. Coffee, coffee, coffee!

Yes, that does need to be said 3 times – in the land of Gilmore Girls (if you haven’t seen it, get on it!) ‘coffee’, said three times, holds far more weight than saying it once. Plus you get triple the satisfaction in saying it. My coffee today (& baklava as well!) was brought to me by my lovely mum & grandma. It’s no exaggeration to say that they’re insanely amazing.

2. A clean, homey space

If my room’s a mess, I don’t even attempt to study there. That’s probably why I never study in my room. Study in a place that makes your head feel clear and helps thoughts to flow! Same thing goes for blogging.

3. Music or noise of choice

You might be one of those crazy people that needs dead silence to finish anything… I’m the polar opposite. Quietness makes me feel lonely. I study a lot better with someone, or if I have some kind of noise in the background that makes me feel like I’m with someone. Sometimes I turn the TV on to a news channel or something just so there’s some voices around, or I’ll play music (although usually not through headphones). I know it’s a bit weird, but hey… do what works for you.

I hope you have a happy day wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing… if you have any interesting study tips to share, I’d love to hear them!


— Lauren x


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