When You Can’t Sleep, Blog – 100 Happy Days

Why is it that when you’re most tired, you can’t sleep?

Today (or tonight rather), I’m most thankful for days that make you tired. Days that aren’t boring – days that mean you’re blessed enough to have a university education, even if it consumes more energy than you have left in the tank. As much as today has exhausted me, I’m glad for days with lengthy lists that keep me motivated & keep me reliant on strength that I could only ever get from God.

I was also extremely grateful for morning tea with my Mum and Grandma, lunch with my guy & dinner with his family. Peter & I took our lunch to the beach, where it began pouring with rain. We sat in a nice warm car, with the windscreen wipers on to admire the view. Even though I’ve grown up on the coast, I wouldn’t call myself much of a beach girl. I love being at the beach, but the reality is that I take it for granted, and if it were taken away from me, I would truly miss it. How can you look at this view and not feel a little bit better?


— Lauren x



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