What’s so Good about Good Friday? – 100 Happy Days

Whether you believe in the Easter story or not, it wouldn’t be stupid to ask why ‘Good Friday’ is good. I mean, think about it. A perfect man who has healed, restored, fed, loved and spread good news gets beaten, abused and finally nailed to a cross. And then he dies as people point, laugh and mock him. Good? Um…

Today, I’m happy because I have hope – and that’s what’s good about Good Friday. It isn’t good that Jesus had to die – but it is good that he did it. Nothing bad ever seems good unless we have some kind of hope that everything’s going to be ok. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel that keeps you forward focused, and Easter’s no different. There’s hope knowing that on Sunday he was alive again, and our salvation was secured because he died in our place.

If that’s not good, I’m not sure what is!


If you’re interested in what really went on one Friday over 2000 years ago, check it out in Luke 23. Or click here to read it.

– Lauren x

Photo: Good Friday at my church

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