Mini Adventures – 100 Happy Days

I’m not incredibly adventurous – I’m no Bilbo Baggins, and I definitely don’t want to be. But sometimes I love doing something a little spur of the moment and exciting.

My friend and I grabbed breakfast at the beach early this morning, and ventured out onto the sand and rocks to wander around the coast. The sea on our feet was refreshingly cold, and the salty air smelt like a bit like summer.

Anjli and I have a strange tradition of eating new, strange, exciting foods. She once bought me a coconut for my birthday, and we’ve been known to sit by the pool and eat a half watermelon with a couple of spoons. Today she brought an asian food called ‘Mochi’ – which is kind of like a green floury raw dough with green-tea flavoured goo inside. I can’t say it was the nicest thing I’ve ever tasted – in fact it was far from it – but sometimes it’s fun to be a little bit adventurous. We laughed and threw the remaining Mochi into the ocean. It’s definitely been a happy day!

unnamed (1)




— Lauren x



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