Going ‘Creative’ Crazy – 100 Happy Days

It’s been more than a couple of days since I last posted – and no, it’s not because the last however-many-days haven’t been ‘happy’. They’ve just been rather hectic.

In the past week (and a bit), I’ve travelled a couple of hours north 3 times, purchased and watched Frozen twice, completed 4 university assignments, worked 5 days, gone to uni 6 days, and filled in my ‘spare time’ catching up with people and generally doing life. Happy – but hectic.

Today I decided to wind down by making a card for one of my friends, and I thought I’d give you some simple tips on how to quickly and easily make a personalised card for someone you love.

Card ‘Ingredients’:

  • Plain cardboard cards & matching brown paper envelopes. You can makes these yourself, but I purchased mine from Kmart
  • A black felt-tip pen or marker
  • Some patterned paper. You can also pattern paper yourself with ink, pencils or paints and white paper
  • Some inspiration. Mine is mostly found on Pinterest!
  • A verse or quote that you love…¬†preferably one that’s relevant

What to do next:

Think of a theme – I decided on a ‘leafy’ theme for my card. Think of what you want the front of your card to say, and write it, breaking it up into at least 3 different fonts or styles of your choice. I often italicise or emphasise the key word, such as ‘birthday’. Embellish the phrase using ideas that relate to your theme – I drew leaves and flowers around my phrase.

Choose some patterned paper that suits the theme or style of your writing, and put some pieces of it on the front of the card in whatever way you like. You might want to use interesting shaped scissors, or cut it zigzagged. I went for two thin strips, top and bottom. You might also like to put some of this on the front or back of your envelope to tie it in – or your might want to leave it off entirely! Both ways looks great.

Depending on how much needs to be said on the inside of the card, I like to put something on the left inside so that it’s not left blank. I usually put a bible verse there, but you might want to put something else like a quote, photo or hand drawn embellishment. Go crazy!

It probably only takes 10 minutes (5 if you’re speedy!) to make a card yourself. Less time than it would take to drive to the shop and buy one… and it’s so much more personal than one that someone else has designed. It doesn’t have to be fancy – simple is best!

Here’s some photos of the card I made this afternoon! I hope you’ve had a happy week.



Here’s what it looks like without the patterned paper!


Here’s the inside of my card.


— Lauren x

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