The Joys of Autumn – 100 Happy Days

For the first time (maybe ever), I’m actually enjoying the weather that’s coming with Autumn.

I’m what my mum refers to as a ‘cold frog’. I think by that she means I’m cold blooded (which of course I’m not, considering that I’m human), or ‘get cold’ really easily. I can’t stay in the ocean for more than a few minutes without freezing, and although Australian winters are extremely mild, they’re my absolute least favourite season of every single year in living memory… so it feels a little bit strange to be enjoying the colder weather that’s been sneaking up on me this week.

When I was in Vanuatu last year, the weather was the polar opposite of this. The experience was incredible and life changing, but the weather was a real challenge. It was hot, humid and sticky to the point of making me feel physically sick, and I remember imagining icy breezes, crisp evenings and pulling on warm socks before bed. Ironic, for someone who hates the cold and loves being warm – but now I think I finally understand it.

Tonight I’m finding joy in life’s simple pleasures – I’m pulling on my warm socks, shivering my way into bed and listening to the wind howling outside my window. While it seems simple, I’m well aware of how blessed I am to have socks to pull on, a bed to get into, and a roof and walls to shelter me from the weather outside. It’s a pleasure that not everyone has, and tonight I’m incredibly grateful that I do.


— Lauren x


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