Sunny Days and Sandwiches – 100 Happy Days

Today, is SUNNY! I feel a bit strange making a post about how lovely the weather is and how much I’m enjoying it when I posted something yesterday saying how much I’ve been loving the coldness recently – but who doesn’t love a warm sunny day?

Today I’m feeling pretty grateful for my mum. I guess when you grow up a bit, you become independent and your mum’s role changes. Sure, she’ll always be your mum and worry about you, fuss over you and love you – but today when my mum offered to pack my lunch for me, I genuinely really appreciated it. Yes, I’m 20 and I can pack my own lunch! I like to think I’m generally fairly independent, but this act of love really did make me feel loved. Let your mum be your mum every once in a while – and tell her how much you appreciate her!


— Lauren x


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