Giving – 100 Happy Days

Today I wanted to share a story with you.

A little while ago, my parents and I started a glory box. I guess a glory box is a place where you store up little things for later in life – house things, like recipe books, kitchen utensils and bits and pieces to make a house a home. It’s something that’s so exciting to me, partly because I love the idea of having my own place someday (and I love home-wares anyway), and partly because it’s special having things that they’ve given to me, and knowing that they’ve helped me get to where I am, and where I’m going.

Last night, I started the laborious task of cleaning my room… and trust me, it was laborious. Recently, my parents bought a few boxes that slide under my bed, and I began sorting through my glory box stuff and packing it away in the new boxes. Something I packed away reminded me of something that happened a month or so ago.

Mum and I have pretty similar taste when it comes to home-stuff. A while ago she bought a beautiful hand-crocheted doily. She bought it because she loved it, and she was going to put it somewhere in our house. Because we both love seeing the things we each find and buy, she told me she wanted to show me something, and opened up the doily, which was packaged in blue tissue paper. It was beautiful, and I held it and told her how pretty it was… and she wrapped it back up, handed it back to me and said, ‘well then, it’s yours. Put it in your glory box’. She went on to explain that she would have more joy in me having it that she would putting it in our house.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Gary Chapman’s 5 love languages – time, touch, gifts, words, service – but I’ve always been a chats and cuddles kind of person, and while I love giving gifts, receiving gifts sometimes makes me feel guilty, like I’m taking something away from someone. I told my mum that I couldn’t possibly take it from her… it was hers, and she loved it. But I soon realised that she loved the idea of giving it to me more. 

I think this kind of selfless giving is beautiful. I guess this is a personal example, and you probably won’t understand why a doily would make me so emotional and feel so, so loved. But it does – it’s definitely my favourite thing in my glory box.


— Lauren x


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