Flashback Friday – 100 Happy Days

I could flick through photo albums for hours and not get bored – so I guess it’s a little bit dangerous that my phone has a built in photo album that I can flick through whenever I have some spare time. ‘Spare time’ is a pretty rare occurrence these days, but yesterday I found myself flicking through old pictures and reminiscing about the sweet few months I had after school.

The HSC exams had finished, I hadn’t seriously started looking for a job yet, and uni was 4 wonderful months away – it was the definition of freedom! Myself and 8 other friends set off on a short coastal holiday to the central coast of New South Wales, and rented a house for a week near the beach. We stayed up all night chatting, drew Henna tattoos all over ourselves, ate home made Thai curries, played board games, sand-boarded down the biggest sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere on cardboard boxes and had late night kitchen dance parties. It was incredible.

My friend Anjli and I road-tripped there, stopping over at a friend’s place for the night along the way. When we eventually got to the suburb, we put away the maps and decided to find the street (and the house) by ourselves. It took close to an hour to find, but it was the first of many crazy adventures we would embark on together – the simple stuff makes for the best memories!

It’s funny how life changes – almost 3 years on, I can’t believe that I’m nearing university graduation and schoolies was so very long ago. I know that these days I would never go away with this same group of girls. I love all of them so much, but friendships change, people move away, and things will never be the same. It’s not bad – it’s just life.

I guess that’s why it’s important to enjoy the moments you have while you have them! I love that photos capture these moments so you can enjoy them all over again later.


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