Poppies say it Perfectly – 100 Happy Days

What is it about flowers? There’s something about them – even if it’s only one – that says so much, without saying anything at all. Maybe it’s ‘I took the time to pick this for you’, or ‘I took the time to know you and what you like, and buy this for you because it’ll make your day.’ Maybe it’s just, ‘I love you, and I thought you’d love some flowers.’

Guys, if any of you are reading this, here’s a handy tip for you – girls love flowers. Whether you pick it out of your garden, get it from a florist, or attempt some floral origami, it will absolutely make her day, just knowing that you thought of her.

Yesterday was a special anniversary for Peter and I as we celebrated 5 years of dating. I’m not really sure where the time went – it seems like yesterday that we were silly 15 year olds escaping to the park near my house to spend hours picnicking, chatting and learning new things about each other. Somewhere in there I must have mentioned something about flowers – either that, or he knew me well enough to know that I love them. It’s nice walking past the bunch of poppies that he bought for me, knowing that they represent 5 years of learning how to be ‘us’. It hasn’t been an easy road… we’ve fought a lot, but we’ve always come out of it fighting for each other. That’s pretty special… and poppies say it perfectly.

Image— Lauren x


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