Book Review: New Robin Jones Gunn Book

If you ask me, the Christy Miller books are just the right amount of corny. As sad as it may seem, Christy has become a very real person in my mind as I’ve journeyed through her experiences with her from her 14th summer in Newport Beach to friends, boyfriends, travelling adventures and a multitude of highs and lows. To be honest, I kind of like reading about Christy because she reminds me a little bit of myself.

151Let me break it down for you. Sweet, innocent 14 year old girl goes on the summer trip of a lifetime, meets good looking God-crazy surfer (Todd), falls in love with God, falls in love with Todd, loses best friend, makes new best friend (Katie), makes a bunch more friends, has some crazy adventures involving boys, travel, etc. etc. etc… you get the idea. You’ll just have to trust me when I say it’s amazing… although it definitely might not be your cup of tea.

I started reading these books when I was 14, and Christy has always been going through a similar stage of life to me as I’ve read about her and her escapades. If you’ve never read the Christy Miller
series, the new book may be a little bit of a spoiler… yes, Todd and Christy do get married, and that’s why the new series is called ‘Todd and Christy, The Marriage Years’.

After a long drought in the land of Christy and Todd, I couldn’t wait to order the new book, so I downloaded it on my iPad. This goes against everything I believe in, in terms of books (I purposefully haven’t purchased a Kindle to force myself to read REAL books), but this book was worth the broken rule. My favourite thing about ‘Forever With You’, was its focus on trusting in God. Robin really taps into the deeper issues in relationships rather than skimming over the surface and giving you a picture perfect version of these fictional lives. Albeit, they are fictional characters, but their experiences come from somewhere very real, and once again I felt like I was reading about a friend rather than a made up somebody.

If you hate romance novels, christian fiction, or a touch of soppy in your reading, then don’t read this book… but if you’re interested in reading about real relationships between friends, guys and God, and being encouraged by the experiences the stories spring from, then I’d highly recommend the read. If I hadn’t picked up that first book as 14 year old me, I probably wouldn’t be that into this, but if you can stick the story out, you might find that you gain some pretty interesting life lessons along the way.

If you’re interested in getting any of Robin Jones Gunn’s books, head to her website here.

— Lauren x

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