Short Hair?

I’m not the kind of person who usually does things ‘on a whim’. I like to ponder decisions and make pro/con lists… completely Gilmore-Girls-Rory style. On a work trip to Queensland last year I had a slight moment of insanity, found a hairdresser, and asked them to cut off about 20 centimetres. For me, that’s about 6 years worth of growth. Is it true that blonde hair grows slower?

10305957_10202371197976597_373343318417980498_nWhile it took some getting used to, I grew to love having shorter hair. It helped me to grow out my fringe (let’s be honest, that fringe wasn’t the best decision I’ve made…) and I loved how quickly it dried and how much less hair I had to curl and straighten. Because it was healthier it didn’t knot as much, and took less time to take care of. Personally, for me – it was a great decision, and though I do regret cutting it a little shorter the next time around, I’ve loved how easy it is, and how much nicer it looks.

For anyone making the tough hair-cut-decision, here’s an updated pro/con list & some little tips on what to do with your shorter hair.

Pros of Short Hair

  1. The initial cut makes your hair so much healthier by getting rid of all the dead ends. It’s like a fresh start – especially great if you’re going into Spring or Summer
  2. You’re forced to wear your hair differently. Sometimes we get really caught up in one easy, boring style and even though it’s not that great, we just get used to how it looks. Changing the length of your hair forces you to try new things
  3. It’s so much easier to take care of! I can’t stress this enough. Less shampoo & conditioner, less time to dry and style and it gets less knotty. If time is an issue, it’s a great fix

Cons of Short Hair

  1. The mourning period. Yes, I did have a moment of ‘what the heck have I done?!’ when I watched a hair tutorial on fishtail braids and realised my hair wasn’t long enough to do it anymore
  2. Depending on how short you go, it can be really difficult to keep out of your eyes and face. When I cut it the second time, it was way too short. Make sure you’re really clear with your hairdresser about how short you want to go, and maybe even specify that it’s important to you to be able to put it in a ponytail!
  3. Style restrictions. Much like the fishtail braid story, you can pretty much say goodbye to long plaits for a few years. If you’re getting married, or have a school formal, ball or prom then you might want to consider cutting it afterwards!


My favourite short-hair cheat involves donuts – no, not the crispy cinnamon kind, but the plastic spongey kind. Basically, the ‘hair donut’ gives the impression that you have enough hair for a full & fluffy bun when you can hardly even get it into a pony tail. Click here for my favourite messy hair bun tutorial by Hannah Maggs on YouTube. You can achieve a similar effect by cutting the top off a sock and rolling it down into a donut shape.

For a longer-looking pony tail, put your hair half up, nice and high on your head. With the remaining hair, pull it up as high as it will go and secure it with a second band. When you pull the higher bit over the top it gives the appearance of one longer pony tail.

If you like braiding your hair, then braid from the top down and stop when you still have some hair at the bottom. Instead of plaiting it when there’s no hair left to braid, take the remaining hair and secure it in a pony tail. This still gives you the effect of the braid, but gives you that extra bit of length. It will also stay in better, especially if your hair is layered.

Favourite Products

Considering how much healthier my hair felt after cutting it all off, I thought I’d make a conscious effort to keep the ends feeling healthy. Argon oils are great for making sure your hair doesn’t dry out, and they tame frizzy hair a bit as well. Don’t worry – it doesn’t make your hair look greasy, it just replaces some of the natural oils that get stripped from your hair when you wash it.

I also love the V05 hairsprays (tried a number, they’re all great!) for holding styles or curls in place. The main reason I love these is because they don’t leave your hair feeling hard or crispy… nobody wants crispy hair. Strangely, they also smell great.

One other quick tip if you have baby hairs or flyaways that won’t stay in place – this does sound a little weird, but if you take a tiny amount of unscented moisturiser (I mean tiny) and run it over your hair with a fine toothed comb, it will keep them off your forehead and tucked away in your hair.

Favourite Tools

If I’m totally honest, I’m pretty lazy with my hair. I often throw it up in an easy bun and don’t bother with the hot tools – but since cutting my hair, I’ve definitely used them more than usual.

For my 16th birthday, my family bought me a GHD straightener. Everyone always talks about these things and how good they are, but let me tell you myself… they’re GREAT! I’m almost 21 and 5 years on, this thing still looks and works like it did the day I took it out of the box. They last for ages, and it leaves your hair feeling so smooth and shiny.

I recently purchased a set from NuMe, an American hair-care brand. These are so cheap and so effective. The best part about them is that they don’t feel cheap. If you follow any YouTubers (e.g. Miss Glamourazzi), it won’t be too hard for you to find a discount code. I got a 5 piece set called the ‘Lustrum‘ (also comes in a leather pouch with a heat proof glove) for $99 plus delivery. For me in Australia, the delivery was about $30.

A little note to all of you Aussies out there – make sure you have an Australian power adaptor for the NuMe tools! My set came with an American plug, and I couldn’t use it until I bought one. That being said, don’t let this stop you if you’re considering getting this set. My adaptor cost me $7.

I hope this was helpful for you. Feel free to post your own tips & styles for short hair. I’m always on the look-out for more!

— Lauren x

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  1. uturnstars says:

    I got a major haircut May of last year. It was the only significant haircut that I didn’t hate after two weeks, which was weird for me. My hair grows like lightning, and I have been almost miserable this summer with my long hair dealing with the heat. I definitely miss not worrying about that with my shorter hair. However, I have determined that long hair is definitely my style.

    Short hair is WAY easier to manage though!

    *cheers for Gilmore Girls reference*

    1. Lauren says:

      It’s such a good feeling getting a haircut and not hating it! Love that you found a style that fits you as well. I definitely wish I’d mentioned something about hair & personality in this post now – it’s important, for sure!

      And I’m glad someone appreciated the Gilmore Girls reference! x

  2. Julia says:

    I’ve been wearing my hair long for nearly 50 years, mostly out of laziness – it’s so easy to just put it up or back and ignore it until I want to take the time to dress up and look nice. However, I am continually mulling over whether to try a short haircut. I enjoyed reading your tips, very well considered and nicely written.

  3. mzpresser says:

    Love my hair shorter I feel so free! Once you have kids you pretty much don’t have time for anything so this was definitely the way to go for me!!!

  4. terrepruitt says:

    Hi. I teach Nia, its an dance exercise and I get positively drenched. So in order to keep my hair out of my face (without having to pull it all back in a ponytail) I had it cut short. This was a while back. It is not the best hairstyle for me in my non-teaching-sweaty life and my hubby doesn’t like it, but it dries ok on its own. And that is what I need. Plus, as I mentioned it stays out of my eyes, when I bend over and roll up I can’t have my hair flopped over my eyes/face or have my ponytail jabbing me in the eyes. Then I have the added benefits — as you mentioned — less time is needed to “do” short hair, less time washing and styling. Less products. It is freeing! Thanks for checking out my blog!

  5. I recently felt the same as you, I cut off like 10 inches off my hair and though at first it felt like a relief afterwards I went thru a mourning period, especially when seeing pictures of longer hair in Pinterest or my own pictures. But I’m so grateful now it takes a few minutes to pick up hair ❤️ Which is awesome especially with two small children running around.

  6. Hey i have nominated you for the liebester award because i think your blog is really cool and lovely 🙂

  7. andieoo7 says:

    ahh yes, this is my favorite post. so inspiring. i put in extensions a few months ago but am dying to remove them b/c i always get drenched in workouts. too much hassle…this post just gave me the extra oomph to remove them. 2 more weeks (visiting bf) then they are coming out! and OMG about the donut thing! i need to try that. my hair is soooo thin and there’s so little of it- tragic!!! must try that 🙂 your hair looks great btw! this post is really, really, really helpful and i’m sure i’ll be looking back at it a million times to try out the diff hair ideas

  8. Amy Lee says:

    I feel you! My hair is short because of ombre blonde ruining my brunette hair, and I just have no idea what to do with it! But thank you for the hints and tips! xx

  9. Amy Lee says:

    Reblogged this on Westallhead and commented:
    Had to reblog this because I hate my short hair – This has made me feel slightly better about it all!

  10. laura-amelia says:

    I’ve just cut of all my hair and ombre’d it! I definitely miss the fishtail braids, it’s killing me! And I have absolutely no idea how to style it, so thanks for your help 🙂 xx

  11. Renate says:

    Aah, recently, I cut about 20 centimetres of too! I wanted to donate it, so less wasn’t really an option, but I have been loving it ever since. I had expected the mourning and the ‘NOOOWHATHAVEYOUDONEEEE’, but nothing so far! Thanks for the braid-advice, that one certainly is useful.

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