A Little Life Update


Firstly, thank you for all of the support on my last post. To be embraced and encouraged by women (and men!) all over the world is so touching and exciting! The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy (in a good way), and getting notifications about comments has been so nice!

A few days after we got engaged, I had my 21st birthday. It was such a nice day, and I thought I would share one of my favourite photos with you, with two of my favourite guys around – my dad and my fiancé.


Secondly, I thought I would do a little ‘update’ post today, because I’ve been somewhat absent on my blog for over a month now, and I’m definitely not ok with that! I suppose I got a bit stuck with blogging after posting about our engagement. It seemed like nothing could top that post, and I wasn’t sure what to write about – but it has since occurred to me that this blog has never been about a perfect image or portraying that life is always a high and always exciting, even though this is an incredibly exciting season of life for me. Some beautiful girls from my life group have lovingly given up some time recently to write some encouraging words and answer some questions for me and those posts will go up in the next little while. I’m so excited to share some of my friends with you, and the valuable things they have to say.

Thirdly, wedding. So much has happened! Peter and I, with our friends Richard and Georgia have planned a 2 and-a-bit month trip to Europe, and we leave in TWO WEEKS! We couldn’t be more excited about it, but we have definitely been a little under the pump with wedding organisation. Let me assure you, that despite certain stresses, it’s a lot of fun. God has been incredibly good to us, providing us with an obvious wedding date and a beautiful venue available on the day. Somehow, despite my indecisiveness, I found my wedding dress on the first day we started looking and I had a wonderful time sharing that experience with my mum and grandmother. Incredibly, it is exactly what I had in mind and I can’t imagine a more perfect dress! My family, Peter and his family, and my bridesmaids Anjli and Georgia have been so supportive and wonderful, and it’s amazing sharing the journey with them!

Fourthly, Europe. As I mentioned, we’re leaving just after Christmas to what I can only imagine to be the trip of a lifetime. For years I have dreamed of going to Europe, exploring places that are older than I can imagine and packed with more things to do and see than I will ever even realise. On top of this, I will finally get to see the country in which Peter grew up, and meet some of his close friends and family. I wasn’t sure if I would ever get the chance to do this – so to meet them, as his fiancé, is a huge blessing. To have the opportunity to visit over 27 towns and cities across Europe just blows my mind, and I’m all set and ready to blog about as much of this experience as I can! So get ready!

Fifthly (is this a word?), tomorrow I’m graduating from university. This is both insanely exciting and scary. For me, university was always the obvious next step – I’d never considered doing anything other than university after school, and I just figured that jobs fell in your lap when you donned that weird flat-cap thing – but apparently not. After Europe, I’ll be searching for a full time graduate job and this – quite frankly – freaks me out. It’s a brand new step, and something I’m having to give completely to God, with a whole new level of trust. There’s also a sense of sadness about eventually leaving my current part-time workplace, which I love. If you’re a pray-er, then prayer in this area would be so lovely!

I hope you’ve all been well! You’ll be seeing a lot more posts nice and soon.

Much love,

Lauren xx

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  1. Enjoy life, these moments are to be cherished and the blogoshpere will always be here.

    1. Lauren says:

      Thanks Tina! I agree, very keen to cherish moments in the moment!

  2. Renate says:

    Aaah, Europe is awesome!
    Are planning on going to Holland as well? If so, don’t just go to Amsterdam, there is so many small cities that are at least just as gorgeous and that you don’t wanna miss out on (if you’d like, I’d be more than willing to show you guys around in some of them :D).

    And finding a job will turn out fine, but I’ll pray!

    1. Lauren says:

      Europe does look awesome!

      We are indeed going to Holland – and we’re incredibly blessed to have some free accommodation with family of someone I’m travelling with outside of Amsterdam which is so lovely! Big cities are great, but I definitely think you have a different (and probably more realistic!) experience of a country outside the big cities. Let me know if there’s any must-do things! We’ve only got a few days, but I’m sure we can pack a lot in 🙂

      Also, your prayers are so appreciated, thank you! x

      1. Renate says:

        Hm, let’s see. I’d sure try to get to Delft, it’s so pretty (must-see’s if there: Oude Kerk, Nieuwe Kerk, Prinsenhof); Utrecht is lovely (must-do: climb the Domtower, amazing view from up there, but also just walk around in that area around the Domchurch, it’s lovely there); personally I’m in love with Gouda (small, but very old and lovely to just walk around and great cafes with amazing food around the old Stadhuis) and Oudewater. Oudewater is a bit hard to get with public transport (train to Woerden, bus 505 (I think) to Oudewater – orrr you can rent a bike at the station; very Dutch, it’s about 45 minutes), but if you’re there, do visit De Waag.
        Those are my favorites, but I’m very curious to see where you’re gonna go!

  3. Congratulations on all that has happened! What wonderful blessings 🙂 Have a wonderful and safe time in Europe. Also, I know how you feel about your last thoughts. I recently graduated from graduate school, and I’m in that moment of “what to do next?” I’ve been doing school pretty much all of my life, and it’s strange to not be in it. But, as you said, we must give these things to the Lord, and if we trust Him and ask where to God, He will show us 🙂 Plus, you seem like an adventurer so I have no doubt more exciting opportunities will be coming for you. Great to hear from you again. Looking forward to future posts!

    Oh and what happened with the publishing internship?

    1. Lauren says:

      Thank you Lauren! I’ve been in school pretty much my whole life too (so lonnggg!) and it’s pretty daunting stepping out of that. All the best with the ‘what to do next’ question! I’m sure you’ll end up with something you love on the path God’s set out for you! So exciting!

      Thanks for asking about the internship! I ended up finishing the internship last Wednesday before going away, which was a huge blessing in disguise. I’m not sure if you heard about what happened in Sydney this week, but it’s a pretty crazy place to be at the moment, so I’m glad to be at home and not in the middle of it! I’ve spoken to them about future job opportunities and they’ve filed my resumé away – so I’m confident that if that’s what God has in His plan, it will go ahead – and if it’s not, that’s fine too! What do you want to do with your degree? 🙂

      1. I read about what happened in Sydney. How terrible! I’m glad that you were not in the city when that happened. How are Australians handling it?

        I’m glad the publishing internship went well 🙂 That sounds like a great job opportunity if the Lord wills.

        I have a B.A. in Intercultural Studies and a M.A. (in Religion) in Biblical Studies. The main future goal that the Lord has shared is to be a missionary. I also believe that the Lord desires for me to write, which is where having a Master’s comes in handy. I’ve had one book published (a revised version of my Master’s thesis), and I’m hoping to write more. Now I’m trying to find a job that will help pay the bills, allow me time to write, and help me get closer to the mission field (financially). It’s a day to day process of asking the Lord and listening to what He desires, and so far it’s working out well 🙂

      2. Lauren says:

        It was a big shock – we’re blessed over here to have very few incidents such as this one, but Australians seem to be binding together in it really well. If there is anything positive that can come from this, its a strengthened support of the muslim community in Australia. I think a lot of muslim people feel very unsafe, and that the actions of a few will reflect badly on them – so its a great time to show those people that we love them and don’t think badly of them. Its a powerful thing watching that unfold!

        What an amazing calling! To be on mission and write – wow 🙂 Praying for you now, that you can get a job to support that vision! Leaning on God day to day is such a trust exercise, but I think it can be so rewarding for our relationship with him too 🙂

      3. Thanks for the prayers 🙂 I actually had a job interview today and got the job! It was probably the easiest thing I’ve done. It’s not a job related to Biblical Studies, but it’s a flexible one that I can make some money and have time to study the Word and write. Seems ideal for now 🙂 I hope your upcoming trip goes well, that you stay safe, and that you have a wonderful Christmas!

      4. Lauren says:

        Congratulations! That’s so exciting!!!!! I’ll keep praying that God opens new doors and opportunities for you. I hope you have a lovely Christmas too 🙂

  4. uturnstars says:

    Congrats on everything! Enjoy this time, as much as you can. Here’s hoping wedding planning doesn’t stress you out!

    1. Lauren says:

      Thank you so much! The wedding planning has been going surprisingly smoothly! Nothing has really gone wrong yet, so here’s hoping it stays that way! I hope you’re well 🙂 x

  5. maddestmegs says:

    Hi, I live in England and it is amazing, but very rainy… go to somewhere warm like Italy or Greece and if you do come to England, be prepared you’ll need about 4 layers!

    1. Lauren says:

      Hi! England DOES look amazing – and it’s actually right at the top of my list of places to visit! We’re going to Italy (unfortunately couldn’t fit Greece in this time!) but I’ll definitely layer it up for England! My fiancé is from England, so we’re going to visit his family and friends when we get there – can’t wait! Although I do hope it warms up a little 😉

      1. maddestmegs says:

        Haha cool, London is pretty awesome, I live down in the South near Dartmorr, so it is FREEZING! Italy sounds so beautiufl, unfortuyantely I haven’t been yet. Where abouts will you be going in England? Haha I don’t htink you will get much luck in it warming up, supposed to snow up North soon! 🙂

      2. Lauren says:

        It would be so cold there!! Very excited about Italy, I’ll try & post some pictures from the time there 🙂

        We’re going to a few places! London, Norfolk, Lakes District, Sheffield — a few others too that I think I’ve forgotten! Most excited for the Lakes District I think 🙂

        I hadnt heard of Dartmorr but I just looked at a picture on Google images and wow! What a beautiful place to live!!

      3. maddestmegs says:

        Yeah! Cool that would be amazing! Yeah the Lakes District is going to be freezing!!! Haha x Yeah dartmoor is beautiful!!

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