‘Life Groups’ – A Chat with Bethany

Hello again! I hope you’re not feeling overloaded with posts this week, because I love the post that my friend Bethany has written for Simply Sweet today. I first met Bethany at a youth camp about 4 years ago, and I knew her as the cousin-of-my-friend – but over time, I’ve come to know and love her as a friend of my own, and as a hilarious and fun-loving member of my life group!

~     ~     ~

My name is Bethany. I am 20 years old and studying a Bachelor of Public Health. I just finished second year (whaaaaaaat?!).

Since moving for uni, I have found an amazing church with the most wonderful young adult’s community. Growing up in a rural town, I had never really been surrounded by many Christians my age so I feel so blessed to have been welcomed so warmly into this new and exciting community.

Is it beneficial being a member of a life group?

I am a member of the most wonderful life group and feel so blessed to have so many wonderful sisters around me. It is so amazing to have girl friends who share similar views on life struggles, love, and the Lord. I feel that being a member of a life group is not just beneficial but a necessity. To have a like-minded, generous and loving support network close by makes being a follower of Christ that little bit easier.

Why is it called a life group? What do you do?

We deal with life in its realness and find out answers within the Bible. Life as a Christian can be hard and as a life group we come together to find answers, learn more about the word and what God has in store for us and our futures.

We also eat delicious food and drink tea – but that is just one of the small perks!

What is the most special to you about your life group?

That I not only have amazing friends, it also feels like I have sisters (Sisters in Christ!). Sisters who are there to share, listen, sympathise, question, challenge and help each other, especially as my family are not close by. My life group is my home away from home.

My advice for anyone considering joining a life group:

Just do it. What do you have to lose? NOTHING. What do you have to gain? SO MANY BLESSINGS!

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