Angie Smith

I’ve taken a little more time off blogging for the past month or so as we settle back into work and life. I’ve really enjoyed working four days a week since I’ve finished studying. Having spare days where I don’t have to finish assignments or stress about uni is a huge blessing that I thought would never come. I’m hoping to revamp my blog soon, and spend more time here.

Something I love doing in my spare time is reading – but I’m a fussy reader, and I’m sometimes bad at committing to new material or giving new authors a chance. I think I mentioned in a blog post recently that my bible study started a new study called Seamless by a lady named Angie Smith. The journey that Angie took us on gave me a whole new appreciation for my bible and it made sense of it in a way that I never could. Through our mutual love of this study, I felt more connected to the group of girls I studied it with, and we encouraged each other regularly to continue studying the bible in our own time. Below is a picture of some of the girls from my bible study group – if you don’t have a group of women who you meet up with regularly then please do it! And if you’re not sure where to start, then I can suggest that Seamless is the perfect place.

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We finished Seamless a few weeks ago, and I’m sorry to say that (at this stage) it’s the only bible study that Angie has written. The reason I liked it so much was largely its structure. We met weekly and watched a video where Angie would introduce a topic and share personal stories about what various sections of the bible meant to her, then during the week she had prepared 5 studies for us to do on our own. We chatted about these studies the following week and shared what we had learned, and what the passages had meant to us. Angie’s conversational approach made this so easy to do, and so easy to talk about. It made me feel like I was learning deep and beautiful things about God’s word from a loving & wise older sister.


I was intrigued about Angie, and her story. She became a Christian as an adult, but she has so much knowledge about the bible, and is so mature in her faith. Our bible study leader had followed her blog, and shared a little about her story. While I’ve never experienced the things that Angie has in terms of loss and grieving, somehow her style of writing and her willingness to share her life with others really resonated with me.

I borrowed a book that she wrote called ‘I Will Carry You’ from our leader, and finished it in 3, very tearful nights. The book recounts her and her family’s journey of grief and joy as they came to terms with losing a baby that they knew would probably pass away as soon as she was born. I have no real way to relate to her story, but it genuinely touched me in a way that few stories have. Whether or not you’ve experienced loss, I’d encourage you to read this book – and to buy a box of tissues before you start.


I’m yet to read more of Angie’s books, but I’m excited for what’s to come. She’s still writing, and I know her words will be as powerful and moving as the ones I’ve already read. I read on Facebook yesterday that she had sadly been hacked – somebody has remotely accessed and deleted information from her laptop, including a large portion of her new book, which she had not backed up. Many of her social media accounts, her email addresses and websites have been compromised, and her comments regarding this really struck me.

“Let me be clear: I know who is behind this and I am not surprised he is using his cronies on earth to do his bidding. I am neither afraid nor intimidated by the enemy. I am steaming mad and I will not take this lying down… The battle is won, whether or not this continues.”

The next thing she wrote was this: “In the meantime, friends, I’m asking the Lord to restore my computer’s data. Will you join me in praying? If He doesn’t, it’s probably because I have better writing to do and I’ll just start over. Heck, if that’s the case, I know exactly who I’ll dedicate the book to.”

As horrible as it is, I strongly believe that she’s right, and if the words God has given her are powerful enough to stir this kind of trouble, then I can’t wait to see how they stir the hearts of those who end up reading them.

Usually I would share a link to her website, but considering the circumstances, that probably isn’t helpful. Instead, you can find her Facebook page here, and you can purchase her books on the Koorong website if you’re in Australia, or LifeWay if you’re in the US.

If you want to watch a video about Seamless to see if it would be suitable for your bible study group (or if you want to do it by yourself or with a friend), click here.

I hope you enjoy her writing and get as much out of it as I have!

— Lauren x

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  1. The young lady who lives with us and watches our dogs while we travel just started Seamless. She is leading a group of 14 college friends through this study on Monday nights in our home. Many are not yet believers. We are praying for God to move in their hearts through this study.

    1. Liza says:

      If you’re looking to buy these arciltes make it way easier.

  2. lauram06 says:

    I fell in love with Angie’s writing reading a book called Mended. My mom and I took turns reading it to one another on a roadtrip…I highly recommend it. Thank you for the heads up on Seamless. I’d love to try it out with some girlfriends!

  3. Merryn says:

    A most interesting post and I so sorry to read of Angie’s loss of work by account- hacking- so awful. I was just reading on another blog, that when we commit to the Lord’s work, of course the devil doesn’t like it. But Angie is right- the Lord is bigger than our adversary and He can bring about His purposes in spite of any attack that ensues. I’m keen to read the book- I know several women including two family members who have lost babies and also think the story would be powerful to read. Thanks for sharing about her. Glad also, that you have such an awesome group of women around you to journey with spiritually. I am praying for even just a handful of people to do this with- in the past I have had great small groups but in the last few years they have all scattered to the winds and I find myself feeling like I don’t have anyone much at all to share deeply with at a spiritual level. For now, I’m aiming to talk about spiritual things with my husband. It is hard staying encouraged, especially since our congregation has been so tiny for a long time.

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