A Date with Brighton Beach

We’ve been doing our best to get-to-know our new home city, and most weekends we’ve managed to go somewhere, or do something new. Yesterday we drove to South Melbourne for a burger, and drove on to Brighton Beach to go for a walk and see the famously bright & colourful beach huts.

Albert’s Hamburgers in South Melbourne is definitely a go (I’d rate it ☆☆☆☆), but if you’re thinking of ordering chips… don’t. The burgers are a meal and a half on their own!

I’ve wanted to go to Brighton Beach for a while. Aside from the fact that you can have a beautiful view of both the beach and the city (what more could you want?) I always thought it was intriguing that Australia had it’s own little version of the English original… except that we definitely win on the beach side of things, and have real sand in lieu of thousands upon thousands of tiny pebbles.

The first beach huts to appear on Brighton in Melbourne were built in 1862, and before the Great Depression, between 100 and 200 of them existed across the beach. These days there’s not quite so many, but they start at a hefty $190,000 – a bit more than they cost back when they were built! Thankfully it costs nothing to enjoy a day at the beach taking photos and enjoying the view! Here are some photos we took while visiting yesterday.





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  1. Lovely photos, Lauren. 🙂

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