Chit Chat

As I sit here with my (almost cold) cup of tea, a pile of work to my left and a flickering eucalyptus candle to my right, I feel like turning around to my work mates and having a quick pick-me-up chat. The only problem with working from home is the lack of office culture.

Working from a makeshift home office is my dream in so many ways – the freedom to start my emails from bed in the morning, access to tea that doesn’t taste like cardboard, a lunch break on the couch with a magazine and the ability to record loud, bubbly interviews without disturbing my peers. It’s a beautiful thing… but it can get lonely.

I’m thinking about joining a co-working space at some stage in the future, but until then, I thought I would have my daily chit chat via this blog instead of swinging around and bothering my non-existent work mates. I hope that’s ok.

This week has been a crazy whirlwind. Today is my husband’s birthday (happy birthday honey!) and I’ve been reminded every day since last Thursday that it’s ‘birthday week’. I still haven’t quite figured out what this entails, but it seems to have entitled us to a lot of unhealthy dinners (Nachos, home made pizzas, bread with a side of curry…) and a lack of tidying up. I can finally say that the house is back in some sort of order, aside from the pile of wrapping paper I haven’t quite managed to stuff into the full bin.

Birthday week has been full of all kinds of gifts for both of us. I have started two new regular freelance journalist roles which is such a huge answer to prayer (praise God)! We’ve met new people, been out for coffee, shared a meal with friends after church and felt really quite settled, which feels like a big step. Melbourne has always felt more like a place we live than our home (at least for me), but it continues to look and feel more like home this year. In hindsight, it was ridiculous of me to think that I would quickly settle into a place I had lived for a few months after living in the same cosy coastal city for 22 years.

The lovely flip side of missing somewhere is when we have the rare opportunity to go back and experience and appreciate it all over again. Tomorrow is one such occasion! Thank goodness for weddings and birthdays and baptisms that call us back to the city we love. Of course, we would travel back to see family and friends regardless, but extra excuses are always welcome.

There’s something wonderful about a place that’s nestled in between mountains and the sea. I don’t particularly like hiking, and I’d prefer to swim in a heated pool than the cold ocean, but I enjoy looking at it while I drink my coffee. I find grocery shopping in Melbourne to be quite an uneventful and lonely experience, and often end up talking off the cashier’s ear while I load up the conveyor belt. I think it’s because I’m so used to running into people at the shops – but I’ve only had one unplanned Coles encounter since moving to Melbourne. When we go back to our home city I actually bother drying my hair and changing out of my tracksuit bottoms before venturing out for groceries, because it’s honestly almost a social outing.

The week ahead (which is likely to be labelled ‘birthday week round two’) will be a fun and strange one. As I head back for a wedding and to work from my parents’ place for a week, it will be the longest time Peter and I have been apart since we got married almost two years ago. A week isn’t too long in the grand scheme of things, but it feels like a lifetime to us.

I hope your week has been as exciting and eventful as ours (in all the best ways). My cup of tea is well and truly cold now. It’s been a good chat.



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